And Mrs. B is at it again!    She has the best giveaways going... look what's on the list for today!

Adorable witchy embroidery from Tea Towel Creek  and a years subscription to Circle magazine!  

So far I'm loving the Haunted Halloween tour she has going as well, so hop on over to see some spoooky blogs!   Not going to bed early and missing out on all the great treats ... suppose it'll be late nights for me this month ;)

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2 Responses
  1. Hope you win any of the giveaways that you have entered! AND hope you are feeling better.

  2. Hehe thanks Wendy, no luck today, and they were so cool too! But I'll keep my eye out for the next goodies I'd like a shot at :)

    As for feeling better... I'm up & down, today I feel quite alright, little coughing etc. Last night.. was bad, in the extreme :(