So it's been a fairly quiet week or so on the home schooling front.  I had my Uni exams last Friday & Monday, and am pretty sure I thoroughly rocked both of them.. but I particularly owned the math ;)  Feelin' great about it, so I can't wait to get my results!   Study for all of that took up a fair chunk of time, so if Frodo wasn't doing schoolwork, *I* was!  

Frodo has done a lot of work on he's thrilled because he is up to over 500 points :) He's been  learning about rain-forests and electricity, among other things.  In math he's been working on improper fractions & mixed fractions on skwirk, and division with MUS Delta.  We've continued on with a bit of space investigation, since Frodo was so impressed with the Transit of Venus earlier this month.  Comets and Meteroids and Galaxies, oh my! ;)   

Frodo also learned abit about how light reacts to water and spent one of his mornings up every couple of minutes to do a new experiment lol.  The old spoon in a glass of water, to show how water distorts how things appear when you view them through water.  Here he is doing another one... he was to put a coin in a clear, flat bottomed bowl and then back away until he couldn't see the coin.  Then his trusty lab assistant (me ;) was to pour a cup or so of water into the bowl to see how it affected his view of the coin.  He had a good time testing all the different things the site told him about.

He also got the urge to cook something new, so he got out the kids' cookbook and decided zucchini fritters was the go!  He made his own grocery list (and I made mine for the week lol, might as well kill two birds with one stone!)  When we got to the store, he was in charge of getting his ingredients & ticking them off the list.  Once home in the kitchen, he grated all the zucchini & cheese, mixed in the other items and cooked them himself.  I had to help flip them, some of them were tricky little suckers and he flipped a couple out onto the stove hehehe.    They were QUITE tasty little snacks indeed.

We also did some rice crispy treats, but no pics of those.. they weren't around long enough lol.  

The younger boys started school holidays today, so it's two weeks of freedom :)  I'm looking at a visit to the Ipswich Art Gallery, for their Wild Things children's exhibit.  They've got some fun activities on that the boys should enjoy.  And I'm planning to book in at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium for one of their cool kids shows, and since it is located at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens we'll make it a day and wander the Childrens' Hide & Seek Trail and maybe pack a picnic.   There also has to be a Sea World trip, probably this weekend!, as the Dino Adventure has opened and we must see it before our VIP passes expire on the 30th!  LOL  Hopefully there will be a day or two of down time in there as well!

2 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    Never thought of zucchini fritters - they sound quite tasty!

    Enjoy your holidays :)

  2. Caz Says:

    Kez... they're amazingly tasty! Shred 2 zukes, throw in a half cup of frozen peas, a couple of tablespoons of flour, 1/2 cup shredded cheese and I think an egg to bind it all. Drop by tablespoons into lightly oiled pan and flip after about 3minutes. NOM :D