Last week was a pretty busy week at the Hobbit house.  DH happened to score Monday off work, so we did a stealth trip down the coast to Movie World for a family day :D  The day was pretty good, not much int he way of crowds at all, which was nice!  There was drama, which I'll get to in a moment, but we had a pretty good time.   Here are me & Strider with my all time favourite cartoon hero, Marvin the Martian hehe. The kids were not interested in walking over to get a photo with the characters soooo..

A very rare photo of me & Strider ;)  Go me, just a smidge under 10kilo's gone! and 7 for Strider!

The characters came to them ;)  Despite his misgivings about people in large headed costumes, Merry got over his hesitance to smile for the camera... sort of lol. 

We had to wander a good bit into the park to get cash for a locker, as the 'banks' atm was out of service... this was probably a good thing (drama reference) as Sam got to check out the Batmobile & Batbikes,  as well as ride the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster!!!  Hubby said it was very full on, but Sam was just thrilled with it and had a blast.  

Before going to get a locker for our sneaked in lunch ;) we stopped and had a go on the grown up roller coasters... everyone got to drive their own except Merry, who was quite happy to ride with one of us.  

THEN *it* happened.  Sam has an absolute fascination of all things small and his favourite souvenir ever is the pressed penny.   So we said YES at about 1115 that he could have a bloody penny, so he'd stop nagging us.  Oi vey, was that a bad call.  The pressing of the penny went well enough... but when the penny dropped into the chute Sam hopped down to grab it... and gravity took over.  The crank handle for these things is some type of cast iron, so heavy as... the penny drops out when the handle is at the top of it's turn (bad bad bad!) so just as soon as Sam got his hand in the chute to get the penny, the iron handle swung down and slammed him right in the side of the mouth!  OMG the blood... Frodo came unglued,as he does at the sight  of blood, and I had to pull him up short as he was frantic!   A security guard helped us get to the first aid building where they cleaned him up, gave him panadol at our request, and an ice pack to help with the pain.  After about half an hour, we were on our way... Sam did NOT want to leave despite the bash.  We thought a bit of quiet time was in order so he could gather his wits and recover a bit so we went to eat lunch.  It was then that I discovered his tooth appeared to be sheared completely in two from side to side *sigh*  Called, made dental appt for the next morning but he STILL wanted to stay a while longer so we soldiered on.

Carousels were ridden :D  Even by hubby & I ... Merry was having nothing to do with getting on top of a wile E. Coyote so we rode in the carriages.

After a circuit through Looney Toons kids world, we decided that was about enough.  Here is Sam after his altercation with the Press a Penny machine.  He was upset that he had to miss a 2nd day of school to go to the dentist... but as she HAD to pull that tooth it was non negotiable.  Since the poor kid already went through the trauma of the numbing (and so did I @@) I had her pull the front tooth with the root canal that just would.not.let.go!    He did about as well as an 8yr old having multiple needles stuck in his mouth is going to do I think.  Half an hour later, he was fine and talking about the LOOT the tooth fairy (mum, he knows but likes to pretend hehe) was going to bring him for those two teeth lol.  Thankfully our dentist rocks, and the whole thing only cost me 30bucks... would have been 150 even after the insurance, but they discount regular customers heavily.  Yeah, they know how to inspire customer loyalty!

Amazingly Mr. snaggletooth was ready to go back to school Wednesday! I really thought he should take another day, but he insisted, so I sneaked to chat with his teacher to let her know to call me if he was at ALL 'off'.  But he did fine... which is good since we would have had to miss James & the Giant Peach!

Frodo & I went in to see a theatre production with our home schooling group... I really enjoyed it, but Frodo was a little distressed by all the LOUD bits unfortunately.  So he spent a lot of the show with fingers in ears muffling the noise.. but he still managed to laugh a bit ;)   I now know to get some noise muffling earplugs for future events like this!  For keeping calm, even when I could tell he was having trouble, I rewarded him on the way home with an iced chocolate from Gloria Jeans, and a sushi roll lunch.  

He now wants to read the book (yeah, bad home ed. mum... I should have gotten it before the show but I did not :P) 

Of course, that wasn't ALL that happened in our week.  I have tendonitis in my ankle/foot according to my doctor (how does one get tennis elbow in their FOOT!?!?! lol)  Too much driving and having foot in one position apparently!  I had a massive incident at work which culminated in me going in Friday and putting in my two weeks notice... so OH you bet I'll be hitting the frugal mama blog scene for ideas to stretch the budget!  and on top of all that... my birthday was Thursday :)  Happy birthday to me!  I was given a lovely coffee gift bag my hubby made up,  MIL brought cheesecake, macaroons (OMG YUM), and Lindt ball chocolates (one day off the healthy eating plan won't kill me, right??? ;)  as well as a cool hand-knit scarf that I love, an adorable pewter owl necklace (I lurve owls), and some gorgeous tiny blown glass perfume bottles with lovely essential oil perfumes in them!  Plus cash... cash is always a fun birthday pressie lol (never the wrong size! might get a new pair of jeans for myself since all mine are too big now ;)

So.. it was a mad crazy eventful week for us!  (oh, I forgot to mention the TWO uni assignments that were due!  one being submitted even as we speak... which are the reasons I didn't make it in Friday to post lol) This week will be just as crazy busy... Wednesday is the Transit of Venus... so we're all about science until then, googling, video watching, learning all sorts of cool stuff about Venus and why this is such a rare phenomenon!   Wednesday I think we might be playing hooky from school ;)  so that the other two boys can go with us to the Astronomy cafe to view the Transit through filtered telescopes.. it's a once in a lifetime event ... too good to pass up for school if you ask me!

However, for now?  I have a mild case of the flu that is somewhat kicking my backside... so now that Frodo is all done with schoolwork... to bed with me.
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  1. April Says:

    Woah! What a week!!! I hope all is well with Mr Snaggletooth, poor thing... Congrats on the weight loss, that's something I need to work on :( We all enjoyed James & the Giant Peach last week :)

  2. Caz Says:

    Woman the next time you actually are at an event that I'm at, make sure you actually say YO I'm April! SO I can 'put a face to the name' .. We have probably met, but I have met SO many new people since coming back to homeschooling that I can't keep everyone straight! lol

    And thanks for the congrats... I'm down just under 10kg.. Look out summer time ;)

  3. April Says:

    Eeek! I think we were at different shows... I went to the show in Toowoomba on Friday, but not with a group... Did you see it in Ipswich?

  4. Caz Says:

    LOL We must have been at different shows :) I did see it with a group in Ipswich, the theatre group did a great job!