Last week was pretty awesome... and nobody lost any teeth even lol.   Monday & Tuesday were pretty typical days at home.  Would you look what I found under my desk? Two little piles of cute!

Frodo & I worked on the usual stuff... he's gotten into fractions so we dug out our little bucket 'o fraction circles to have a look at equivalent fractions and how to reduce/simply fractions.  He seems to have caught on pretty well although I think he had a handle on the basics of what fractions are etc from real life math activities. (ie, Frodo you may have 1/4th of the yummy little garlic aioli pizza bread.  and that type of thing :)

He also worked on every morning for a while.. he is motivated by the fact that he can earn points, and after having a certain number of points, he can 'buy' an actual toy that they will mail to him.  Bribery! hehe   He likes to do one or two activities from each section... his favourite this week was the tail end of the unit on Gold.  It had lots of interesting info on the Gold fields of Australia, how they mine the gold (both then & now) and what it can be used for etc.   There was a unit on the safety of the mines and disasters that have happened like the Beaconsfield mine collapse.  One of his assignments was to pretend he was a safety inspector at a mine and to write up the types of things HE would look for.  He also thought they should have sent the trapped miners down some sort of video game to keep them entertained for the 2 weeks they were underground lol.  

Wednesday is when the OUT of this world part started... we ALL went to see the Transit of Venus :D  Sam & Merry stayed home from school to go with us, this is a once in a lifetime chance for them to see it so no way was I having them miss out! Merry was utterly enamored of the giant LEGO telescope.  Pete at AstroPete's Cafe said he brings it, and other telescopes out on their Friday & Saturday night Astronomy nights, so we're definitely going to go over one night and see what's out there.    We got some of the Solar glasses so the boys could safely look up at the sun to view the transit, but the best part was getting to look through the telescopes of the people who set up outside for a really good look!  (Thanks Angie :)   Here's Sam showing off his very cool Transit of Venus collectors card (which his oh so very fashionable solar glasses on his head hehe)   It made for a really fun and interesting day and lots of questions... so we had to hit Professor Google when we got home to get some answers!

 Frodo & I had to do a bit of shopping on Thursday, so we popped out for a cuppa (and hot chocolate) and he asked if he could go browsing at EB.  So, off down the hall he went feeling pretty independent hehehe...It's not that far, and I can see the entrance, so I didn't have a nutty about it lol.
See him way down there?

Nothing like the bright red banners of an EB SALE!!! to draw in a little computer geek in the making (and I mean that geek in a good way!)

 We also finished up our unit of History Odyssey on the Ancient Egyptians.  Frodo has enjoyed them, as he really does think all things Egypt are pretty cool, but I think it'll be nice to move on to something else now!  We made a little file folder game of Senet, which ancient Egyptians used to play.  Each person has 5 pieces and you throw the sticks and move depending on how many marked sides are up.  We added a bit of fun by using marshmallows lol (we didn't have black & white beans as suggested).... and when you hopped off the board, you got to eat your piece hehehe.  Whoever won, got to eat ALL the remaining pieces. We elected to put them in a cup of hot chocolate though.

Thursday we had to bake cupcakes... little brother Merry had his 6th birthday! and we took treats in to his class.  Frodo is getting pretty good in the kitchen if I do say so myself!  Nan & Grandpa came out on the weekend to celebrate... and Mum made a cracker of a castle jelly mold!  Hidden in the jelly here & there... were little lego 'dudes'  which were a huge hit all around.  Actually... I think we olds enjoyed the jelly as much as the kids did ;)

Isn't that just cool as???

Off to enjoy the crisp winter afternoon & pick the schoolies up!

2 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    That jelly is just *too* cool!

    Wasn't the transit awesome - glad you got to see it.

  2. Caz Says:

    It was spectacular. We kept looking though the scope and just saying 'omg that is a PLANET' lol. It was an unreal experience.

    And the jelly lives on...I just had a little bowl lol. And now we have awesome lego guys... there was even a Scotsman, wearing a little kilt & beanie.. with bagpipes!!!!! hehehehe