Get out... I mean it, GO AWAY.  Tonsillitis, you are no longer welcome in our house!  This morning, I didn't think much of it when Frodo asked for a panadol because his head ached... he HAD spent some time on the computer on time4learning, and then played with his excellent new Bamboo drawing tablet, which is even more computer time.  So, I figured he just needed to spend the rest of the day away from all things screen and his eyes would relax and the headache would go.

Frodo's Homeschool portrait, taken by my photographer friend! (just had to share)

Until DH asked where he was this afternoon and upon poking around, found he'd GONE TO BED and was crashed out.  That's NEVER a good sign with this boy.  When he got up, some 2hours later, his cheeks were all red and it hit me... earlier he mentioned his throat was a little sore.  *sigh*  Touch the forehead... yep, we have a temperature.  So first thing in the a.m., I'll be ringing the doc and trotting on over with one unwell boy in tow.  I'm pretty certain it is tonsillitis... after all, since it's the third time we have done this in the last 2months we are very familiar with this old nemesis.  Last time he had a run of it was just before Christmas, poor kid had a horrid reaction to a penicillin based med (not allergy, just KILLED his poor tummy!) so we got the amoxil and did a double run of it.  One would think after nearly 3weeks of antibiotics it'd be dead... but either it took a nap and laid low for a few weeks, or the boy is just really susceptible to something going around.

So here I sit, at 11pm (ok, let's not kid ourselves... I'd be here at this hour anyway lol) waiting for him to fall asleep on the couch so I can head off to bed.  Will have one last check of the temp to be sure he is cool enough to at least sorta sleep before I do.   We've watched some Smurfs on dvd to fill the last couple of hours, and I think he may finally be drifting.

In other news... Merry seems to be settling in to the school routine.  He really likes his teacher, who seems like a lovely lady.  I drop him off in the mornings and he's excited, but he admits he misses me... and when I give him a kiss and leave the room I can see him from a side window holding a building shape and looking *slightly* sad. But, come afternoon when we pick him up he has ALL manner of things he just must tell us... he goes on about what he learned (lol today it was sitting down to listen to the story.. yeah, I have trouble getting him not to zoom around when we read too.. sorry Mrs. Ford lol)  and whose birthday it was today and how he had a medium sized peice of cake :)  He's eating his lunches, which was a big worry for me... he stopped eating much during the day at preschool last year, but I send his favourites and he seems to be more comfortable now.

Sam is absolutely loving life at school... he is my 'Great!' reply when I ask how his day was... it's hard to get much more out of him than that some days lol.  

How're those for some angel faces?  :)  

Frodo will likely be getting a day off tomorrow, but he's been diving into his schoolwork with gusto every day.  Today he had most of what we planned for the day completed by 11am.  We're working on writing personal narratives (because I totally remember always getting asked to write about what I did over summer break ;)  gotta spread that joy around) using a really cool site called Writing a-z.  It has really cool graphic organizers to help kids get their ideas outlined on paper before they write a paper.  Frodo is a total perfectionist with writing... he gets smaller & smaller... so we did the organizer today, I planned to let him type the first draft and then show him how to use the checklist that comes with the organizer to tweak his writing until he gets all the boxes ticked off... and then get him to do a handwritten final copy.  If only because the HEU, who we are registered with, wants hand written work ;)  Never too early to collect the first samples lol.  I suppose finishing that will likely wait till he's feeling better... because knowing my little dude, he'll feel pretty crappy tomorrow.

I got a nice surprise Friday in the mail... I mailed in our educational plans in November and got our provisional registration for home education about the 9th of January with a note saying the hoped to have the program evaluated and get back to us by mid March.  So I was totally not expecting his certificate of registration in the mail!  So it's 'official'  Frodo is back on the books as a homeschooler!

And with that nice little ramble... I can finally go back to bed.  Just peeked over the back of the couch, one moderately cool sleeping boy :)    Night all...
4 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    oh no....hope he's feeling better.

  2. Caz Says:

    Thanks Kylie...we are off to the doc at 1130 today. He's rockin' a nice temp and started vomiting around 5am :( I'm sure it's tonsillitis... his glands in his neck are ENORMOUS! I *really* hope he is better for Monday next week.. he's so looking forward to it!

  3. Kez Says:

    I'm a bit late commenting - I hope he's over the worst of it by now.

  4. Caz Says:

    Thanks Kez, yes he's over it almost completely! We're still doing the 2nd round of antibiotics though because it seems like the last 2 times he had it it returned 2 weeks or so after finishing the meds. So the doc & I agreed a double whammy is worth a try at keeping it away!