Hope you have all had a spectacular of a start to your 2012 as we have!   We have been thoroughly enjoying our family time since I last posted.    We rang in the New Year relatively early, by watching the 9pm fireworks on tv... we thought about driving into the city, but the weather was a bit iffy so we just played some Cluedo and hung out at home.

A few days later, we headed off to Wet n Wild for a day of fun in the sun.  This is Buccaneer Bay, which is specifically for kids under 10... great water slides, cannons, pools to swim in, and the ever popular big water dumping bucket.
Much fun was had by all :)  The lazy river, or Calypso Beach was also a big hit.  We found a small shady spot (NO mean feat that... I swear you have to get there at the crack of dawn to get a good shady spot with seats.  We rocked up at 950 for the 10am opening time and there was not  a free seat in the place.
Sam was all about the water slides, here he is on his first trip up surveying the scene to decide if it's something he *really* wants to do.   He did... and repeatedly at that lol.  He is totally Captain Adventure!

 Except when it came to the tooth that has been dangling for weeks lol. It was painfully obvious that he would leave said tooth to dangle till the cows came home without intervention... so hubby decided to give it a bit of help.  It was attached by the teeniest sliver of gum, but there was still copious amounts of wailing and carrying on like someone was murdering him... but out it came.  Now, of course, he is quite pleased with himself ;)  and looking mighty adorable at that!  He'll have that gap for all of about 5 minutes, as the adult tooth is already through!

On the school front,  we go in to get the little dude uniforms in 2 weeks @@, I can hardly believe it.  They are looking forward to the first day of school :)   I started buying Frodo's home school materials this week!  I've had most of it selected for a couple of months so it's more just exercising the visa debit card than much in the way of decision making.

We'll be using a lot of old favourites:
- History Odyssey ancients level 2 (history, literature, geography and a lot of writing) (books ordered to go with from ... go the free shipping!)
- Math U See  (we'll be going through the multiplication & division levels for a bit of confidence building)
- Time 4 Learning (supplemental use, especially for math)
- Reading/ Writing a-z  (great online/printable comprehension activities and writing tools)
- Science -- I was really sold on Real science 4kids but ...I'm waffling lol, Mr. Q's chemistry is looking
             pretty sweet at the moment AND he has a half price special starting on the 17th!!
*Still trying to find a good source for a time line and a few other bits, so if anyone knows one that doesn't charge a fortune for shipping or is Australian, please share :)
-LOTE (Languages other than English) - We were going to do Auslan, but the classes that were getting organized didn't work out... they ARE doing Spanish, so Lucas said he'd give that a go.  We'll probably use Livemocha for practice in our own time.
-ART - Lessons with our home ed group for 2 terms, after that we'll use our Usborne Art Gallery book and trips to the local galleries.  Lucas is also interested in learning guitar (his dad & the Teen are both learning) so we may get him a 3/4 size instrument and lessons sometime later in the year.

Can't wait for the parcels to start arriving.. I LOVE a box of fresh home school stuff to explore... and it gets the boy pretty excited and interested as well!
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