This will be the lamest back to school/not back to school post ever... because....I have no photos *hangs head* My iphone took bodgy, blurry pictures and they are all awful.    But, aside from that it was a great day.

Sam was SO glad to go back to school,  we found his room no problem and introduced him to his teacher.  He was excited, gave me a kiss & cuddle and ran off to find his seat and see who was in his class.   Merry, who started prep (kindergarten), was a bit excited but also a bit nervous I think.  His teacher seems nice and she had potato heads and other cool toys on the tables for the kids to entertain themselves with while all their classmates came in and got settled.  She took a pic of each child with their parent(s), which I think she is using for the digital roll call.  Digital roll is cool, when the kids come in and have their morning group time on the carpet they go up to the fancy whiteboard thing and touch their photo and are marked 'present'.

Frodo and I gathered some snacks and water bottles and headed off to our Not Back To School Day at a great park.  Rocks Riverside Park  is a park that I've heard great things about, but when we tried to go it was always closed for repairs which was a bummer.  Then in January 2011, it was completely flooded and has taken the better part of the year to reopen apparently!  So, when a mum from a regional home school site I've chatted with asked if we wanted to meet up there so the kids could play and we could chat, I jumped on it.

The park was so great, and Frodo really seems to have relaxed... when we had a park meet up in early December, he was so anxious and repeatedly asked when we could go home.  He was so painfully shy and afraid to approach the other kids to play that it was just sad to watch.  I knew he would loosen up eventually, but wow... huge difference!  We all made introductions and Frodo went to walk around and check out the park a bit while the other boys snacked... shortly after they followed and all 3 of them were hanging up the giant spider web climber.  It was great to watch.  They snacked together, ran off to try out the excellent flying fox and zipped across the park, and even located a couple of bush turkeys poking around in the shrubbery.  What really shocked me was when he asked if he could get wet... you see I knew they had water play there, but he swore he didn't want to bring or wear his swim gear.  He only enjoys water if it's a pool.  But the other boys were in the water ... and he wanted to join them so I said go ahead... the seat of the car will dry :)   It was worth it just to see him able to relax and enjoy the company of other kids without fear that they were going to do something mean to him.

We discovered 4 of our home schooling books, all part of the History Odyssey reading, delivered and waiting by our front door when we came home!  Shortly after that, Strider arrived home and we went up to get the brothers from school and Merry was just elated that dad came to get him. Everyone had a great day and we are planning are many more to come this year!
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  1. Kez Says:

    What a great day - I'm so glad Frodo is starting to recover!