Well, the boys have just entered term 4 of their school year.  Sam is still thriving and loving it, Merry is looking forward to going to prep next year... and Frodo is still keeping his head above water so to spreak.  Academically, he's doing well enough, and his behaviour has improved steadily through the year.. but socially, he is still struggling.  He doesn't HATE school, but he doesn't LOVE it either. 

He doesn't have 'friends' at school, although one or two boys will sometimes let him play with them at break... and a lot of kids exclude him, a few actively pick on him.  He has always preferred to sort of do his own thing anyway, so he hasn't gotten upset about any of this.  But in my opinion, he is receiving no real positives from school.. and picking up a few negatives.   I can't see much point in that really... and it really pushed the decision when I got an email from the behavioural specialist today that they are closing his case and he won't be recieving any help from her office any more and the plan they put in place will be tossed since he's so much improved.  So the entire goal was for him to be 'good' at school... not really for him to have a better experience at school :( 

SO, we are starting the process of bringing him back home  :)  We discussing how we want to go about it, distance ed, registered on our own, etc.   We haven't really made any of those decisions yet, but Frodo sort of wants to finish the year out, sort of doesn't.   More on all of that ... well... once I have more on it lol
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  1. Kez Says:

    I love that you can adapt to suit your kids and family.

    Good luck with the decisions :)

  2. Caz Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Kez! :) I'm feeling very blessed that I have the OPTION of doing what works best for Frodo... I can imagine many mums either don't know about home ed, or can't due to circumstances... which is a sad thing since our schools are really only giving lip service to services for kids that have special needs :(

    Looking forward to sharing our journey again!