Today was the end of two blissful and relaxing (mostly) weeks of school holidays. The boys have mostly enjoyed their time off... we've gone to a couple of awesome parks, they made their own band, spent some time with Nanny &  Grandpa, and their Uncles were over from New Zealand.  On Friday night, we rounded up the Uncles' visit by having dinner at the RSL club near the grandparents house... it was a huge hit with the boys as always.  Sam was quite stoked because we bought them tickets in the raffle of the night, and he won a $50 meat package from the local butcher hehe.  He has requested that Nan pick it up for him, and that she get stuff that would be good for a bbq so they can come help us eat it :)

 Sam was itching to get back to school to see his little mates,  Frodo seemed a bit excited too even!  Yesterday, we spent some sorting out the boys backpacks, finding lunchboxes etc, and getting uniforms set out for today. (An aside, must go buy Sam a zipper pull to put on his school hoodie... a $46 hoodie and he's had it a month... and the zipper pull rips off... awesome quality *scowl* )  Sam & Frodo didn't even complain when we told them that no, they cannot sleep together because it's a school night.  (these boys will happily sleep together, in a single bed, every night if we let them... except it takes them till 9pm to GO to sleep, so we only let them on weekends!) 

I also spent a good portion of the day baking :D   I made blueberry muffins for school snacks, and corn dog muffins for their lunches today.  A corn dog muffin, is just what it sounds like... a corn bread muffin, with chunks of cut up hot dog inside... a tasty treat in the boys' opinions!    I am, unfortunately for the budget, back on the hunt for lunchboxes... our easylunchboxes have not stood up well to Frodo's lack of impulse control *sigh*  He swings his lunch bag around and CRASH onto the concrete it goes... cracking whatever is inside... hopefully he's lucky enough that it has happened AFTER he ate whatever was inside? 

Merry is at his 2nd to last day of preschool today, Thursday is the last day for him.  I'm going to try to find something special for he & I to do together either Friday or Monday of next week  ... and I'm going to try to find some more preschool activities to make up for him, so he can have learning games and fun stuff for our days at home.   I need to give our days a loose structure, otherwise Merry will beg to play the wii ALL DAY LONG, which is not a viable option!   Any suggestions for activities, websites, or printables would be very welcome!! 

With that... I'm off to enjoy the few hours that I have on my own :) 

* my iphone isn't wanting to send pics so that I can post them dangit!  Might try to insert them later IF they come through!*
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  1. Kylie Says:

    Hi Cari,

    Thought I'd say hi, how are things going in your neck of the woods?

  2. Caz Says:

    Hi Kylie :) Haven't checked in here in a little bit obviously! Things are ok, was just about to post an update actually.