Life has been stressful my dear readers, and while I have logged in and contemplating posting... I just wasn't able to figure out what I wanted to say.    In a nutshell, the last few months have sucked for me.   Dh's work fan finally died to the tune of a repair that we could not afford to make (could up up to 4k) so we have purchased a new van (here's hoping the tax deduction/depreciation for that saves our ass at the accountants).  And just like everyone else, financial times are tough.  

Some of you may remember that Merry begged to go to preschool when his brothers went to school this year, and I obliged, and he seems to have enjoyed it.  (although there is a little separation anxiety at drop off time, he has a great time there and Miss Emma always has pics of him smiling and enjoying himself)  Well, my income is more than it was at the start, and our child care benefit has dropped significantly.... so the 300 a month for preschool has now become over 550$ a month for preschool.  I made the call that it's just TOO much, and starting in 2 weeks, Merry will be home with me every day.  I'm already on the net searching up some of my favourite blogs that have preschooler material (*waves* Hi Kylie!)  and saving things to a quickly growing folder of preschool activities in my bookmarks.   So, once again, what started out as a home schooling blog, will have a little taste of that original focus  :) 

How are Sam & Frodo doing at school?   Well Sam is the absolute Belle of the ball, so to speak!   He LOVES school, and daily during this 2 week holiday period he has said oh I can't wait to go back to school!  And he was quite upset that Monday is a pupil free day :(  His reading is coming along fabulously, and he & I still work on this at home and he's really enjoying it.  He's a mathematical whizz according to his teacher and he has NO shortage of friends in class. 

Frodo is improving :)   We are fairly sure that he does have ADD, and he has some Asperger's symptoms/behaviours as well but those are just idiosyncracies and not life impairing for the most part.   We go back to his Paediatrician this week to discuss behavioural interventions etc to help him cope better with frustrations etc.   Academic wise, he is on par with where he 'should' be... but I know that once we get plans in place to help him cope socially & attention wise, his grades will pop up to the above average range.    But he's doing pretty well these days and for now, he wants to stay in school.  I'm giving the school a term to show me some improvements and if he doesn't seem happier there at that point, I'll withdraw him and probably do distance ed for the last term before deciding what to do next year.  I will not keep him in school if he is miserable just because it is considered 'the norm'.  

Merry will be going to prep most likely next February, and at that point I'm considering University for myself.  Numerous ideas are in my head as to what I'd like to 'be when I grow up' but I'm not decided on anything at this point. 

I'm planning to get myself into the swing of blogging regularly again, so I'll see you here again soon :D
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  1. Kylie Says:

    hey so good to you from you. :-)

    We have a preschoolers group on the Ning site and gatherings of homeschoolers have been happening out your way. :-)

    I'm glad the older two are happy and you seem content with your decision. Be nice to see you some time.

  2. Caz Says:

    Kylie, I'll definitely have a look! I might pop a post on the Ipswich & Preschoolers boards seeing if anyone would like to have a park meet at our favourite local park :D