Well, it's appearing more and more like we'll be relocating  yet again in late April.  We will have been here 18months, and while we love the house and the yard... there are a few things that cause issues.  One, the real estate agent/owner shows very little interest in maintaining the property (note the very large tree limbs that have been laying in the front yard and on TOP of the shed for pushing 3 months now)... and two, my dearest was accosted the other day on the way to the store only a kilometre or two from here.  A jackass of immense proportions stopped his car and proceeded to come back to Striders van (he rolled up the window/locked the door when he saw this moron coming) and proceeded to bash the window & scream abuse at him while threating to kill him/ take his head off.   What if it'd been me with the kids?  They'd have been scared shitless by this fuckwit.  Not the environment I want to have them living in... so & I will be close friends for the next month or so ;)

Before we pack all our gear up again, I plan to thin out crap we don't need/don't love/don't use... I did this before we moved here and it was very liberating!   We really don't HAVE that much stuff (compared the the average consumerist "westerner") but it still seems to be too much.  The kids playroom (allegedly designed to keep the toys in one place.. ha) is always such a disaster that you can't walk through it.  The problem isn't lack of storage.. they have shelves and hanging pockets in the closet, and bins etc... the problem is that there is just TOO MUCH STUFF.  It overwhelms them.. they can't find what they want so they do a major dump of bins into the floor, find the one thing they wanted, then leave.   Tonight, with their total approval, we took a good sized box of little people and other assorted toys to Lifeline :D  They weren't the only ones offloading stuff though... Strider & I went through our wardrobes and filled two pretty good sized rubbish bags with thngs we no longer wear.   I'm sure there will be more to come!

In addition to just plain getting rid of stuff, I'm compiling quite the IKEA shopping list to get things to organize all the leftover stuff :D  Shelves and boxes and hangers oh my!   

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