The news of the day... my boy is H.O.M.E!  (above is him before leaving the hospital) and damn glad to be there.  I'm just beyond amazed that in basically 2.5months he went from struggling to stay alive, to walking and talking and going home.  Wow.   My son, the total legend.

I have a phone & net again, can I get a hallelluja?  LOL  (it's the ultimate of ironies for a pagan chick to say that hehe)  Dude finally showed up today around lunch time and eventually sorted it out, after he found where the junction was.  This did not  not exactly fill me with  confidence that he knew WTF he was doing ;)  Now I can go back to hunting a new house to rent when the lease is up on this place in April, since it's going to fall apart around our ears it seems lol.   List of required elements: 4 bedrooms, DISHWASHER!, little to no crapet, air conditioning, enough backyard to have a sorta garden.. and working phone/dsl lines hehehe.

On the homeschooling front, I've spent the weekend working out the boys 'learning plan' for the distance ed school.. basically saying this is how we plan to meet objectives in math, science etc etc etc.  One segment I had no plan for was "Information communication technologies" (ICT's) .. so after a bit of thought,  I've decided to help Frodo keep his very own blog about our activities!  It'll be on this acct and I'll link it on my sidebar =)  Should be a bit of fun, and he loves the computer so another excuse to be on it will be just fine by him lol. 

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