Firstly,  at the end of last week I was invited to go up to the school for Merry & Sam's weekly assembly.  Mr. Merry had no idea, but he was getting one of the weekly student awards :)  He was such a cute little man walking up to get his award (cannot call it a certificate because he gets quite adamant that it is an AWARD mum!)  
On the weekend, hubby, Sam & I went to visit the kitties we are adopting from a local pet rescue!  Their names are Smudge (male) and Dotti (female) and they are just absolute best friends. Here is Sam giving Smudge a cuddle, they reacted to him really well :)   Dotti tried to climb up my back and was totally cute checking us out.  She is tiny, and I didn't manage to get a pic of her as she was darting around playing with Smudge & the other kitty in the enclosure.   I got an email from the lady at the rescue, both kitties went in for de-sexing today, and we're planning to bring them home on Sunday!  Much excitement in the house over these new additions.

The week started out really wonderfully... Frodo & I made it to his Spanish/Art in the park classes, which after out last attempt, was a big relief lol.  Frodo had a great time and made a couple of new friends.  He had a break of about an hour between classes so he played the ds with his new friends, and played on the playground for a while.  

The weather was just spectacular, if a little windy!  Liz, the art teacher, and I had a bit of a struggle getting things not to fly away lol.  We eventually got most of it weighted/tied down and everyone enjoyed their classes.  It was so nice, and dh was home in time to pick up the other two, so we stayed an extra hour so he could play and I could catch up with the mum's :)  

Isn't it just so lovely & green?  The day was just great... until Frodo said the words on the way home... I have a headache mum.  *SIGH*  And then the coughing started EEK... and the fever *double sigh*.   A just in case visit to the doc revealed it's just viral at this point! YAY!  It could settle into his tonsils and cause trouble so I have a script just in case... but here's hoping we don't have to use it!  Needless to say, there hasn't been a great deal of schoolwork this week... a few fun math practice worksheets, and some comic book grammar (awesomely fun score from the scholastic dollar days online sale :) but that is just about it.  He did finish his Tales of Ancient Egypt book, which he deemed boring even though he admits there were a few interesting tidbits in there lol.

He is a little better looking tonight, so tomorrow we may get a few things done to make the week not a complete loss ;)  I've found a very cool book of cool book report graphic organizers that I may set him up with ... he's started reading his first Hardy Boy's mystery, which sounds like a fun book report. And I think we'll finish up another part of his Egypt History Pocket as well.  I hate to imagine what it would be like if he was in school missing so much time due to illness!  

I leave you with this bit of adorableness :)  Merry FINALLY agreed that OK, he will submit to a haircut! lol He has the most beautiful, but UNRULY, curls... mainly because it only curls really around his hairline all the way around hehe.  He was lovely for Jaime while she cut his hair and seems pretty pleased with the results :)

On tap for the weekend:  Hopeful trip to Seaworld on Saturday!  Bringing our newest family members in furr home Sunday!  Monday = public holiday!   And in the middle of all that will be schoolwork... for ME, uni assignments give no rest to the wicked ;)

2 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    I hope Frodo is feeling better soon. Love the little kitties - they are very cute!

    Congrats to Merry on his *award* and his haircut :)

  2. Caz Says:

    Thanks Kez... Merry has finally put the award down hehe. I think he carried it (and slept with it) for days ;) I think the fact that all his little friends commented on how nice his haircut is will help me with future trims!

    Frodo is right as rain now :)