I tried to write a Mother's Day post, but despite it being my intention to celebrate all the terrific things that Home schooling Mum's do for and with our kids... it kept feeling derogatory towards mothers' that use typical school systems. *sigh*    So I've just canned the whole thing because I would never want a single mother who loves her children to feel belittled by my words!

It boils down to this... all loving mothers do the best we can for our children!  We love them, and educate them, in our own ways.  And we all deserve to be celebrated for this :)

Happy Mother's Day my beautiful friends!  I hope you and your families have a wonderful day and that you are pampered a bit, as we all deserve it!

I was awaked at 930 this morning (delightful sleep in!) by breakfast & coffee.  My 8yo made me porridge with bananas & brown sugar.  Then there were flowers (lovely chrysanthemums that we can repot and enjoy on the veranda) a cd of Celtic women (which I love)  and a most non traditional gift, but one that's sooo perfect for me lol.  awaited me at my laptop this morning.  I needed a new mouse, and this is the most eagerly awaited installment of one of my favourite computer games ever... totally a win win situation!  

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2 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    Happy Mother's Day Caz - enjoy your mouse :)

  2. Caz Says:

    Happy Mother's day to you too Kez! Hope you had a lovely day :D