Well, we now have 2 weeks as a school going family under our belts.  I wish it was all sweetness & light, but life doesn't work that way.  Frodo had major issues with the noise (construction still ongoing at the school, and too many kids talking he says!)  The noise seems to have settled down in week 2, as the construction right around the building they are in is mostly completed.. just a bit of turf to go down now.

His teacher says he really seems to be settling into the classroom routine well!  He is having absolutely NO problems with the work thus far, which I was never worried about anyway with him.  And every day as we walk onto the school grounds, he is saying hi to numerous kids in his class loving that aspect of it.

I've met with Sam's teacher, who is really great, twice.  Most of you know that I've decided that even IF I were still home educating, that I would be holding off on Prep for Merry for another year (he is only 4.5 which I think is just too young for formal education no matter the environment) and I have spent several months wondering if that might have been a better option for Sam as well.  He's doing great with the classroom routine, and his behaviour is lovely Mrs M. says.. but he just is not where the rest of his class are.  I knew that he wasn't, but when he was learning from home it wasn't so much of a concern.  SO, his teacher & I had the chat and I have decided that Sam would be better served making a move to the grade 1 classroom.  The class size is small, and ALL of his classmates would be learning the same things he needs to work on. 

The school has some sort of 'educational opportunity' specialist (or some such title) starting this coming week and she will work with him to ease into the new classroom.     I think once we get that done, he will be much happier (not that he's UNhappy.. but he gets a little distressed because he can't read the things that his classmtaes are reading)   He will only be about 6ish months older than most of the grade one kids in the new class which will be ok,  as he is currently in a mixed grade 2/3 class so a large portion of his classmates are much older.

One aspect of school they are both loving is taking their lunches :)  I ordered easy lunchboxes  ( )  which are quiet cool, if I haven't mentioned them before lol.  The kids enjoy helping pick out things for their lunches and I've found some great sites with neat ideas for creative lunches and look forward to trying out a few.  I'm figuring once  a week 'fancy' lunches might be a doable thing for me, since I enjoyed participating in muffin tin monday (even if I didn't post pics!).  So far, the number one lunch was 'snacky lunch' day... it had ritz crackers, sliced cheese kabana (a type of sausage that you eat cold), cheese cubes, grapes and sliced cucumber (with salt, of course says Sam)  Tomorrows lunch will be a big hit as well... I'm making corn dog muffins :D    I'll have to remember photos.

I would update on my work life... but last night was a hell night at work, so I would have nothing good to say lol (other than that I will get paid for it at least LMAO) so I'll just leave that alone!
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  1. Kylie Says:

    Great to hear from you and sounds as though the school is really trying to do their best for the boys. :-)

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