It's been 4 weeks since we became a public schooled family, and while I wish I could say it was the PERFECT move for us... I can't :(   I'll get to why shortly.

Sam hasn't yet moved to the grade 1 classroom, but he's visited a couple of times and says he likes it :)  He says there is a lava lamp & legos in there, so what's not to like lol.  Emotionally he is settling in very well, he isn't bouncing with excitement to go in the morning, but he has not had any 'bad' days at school yet.   

Frodo on the other hand, is upset most mornings over going.  He tells me daily he'd like to go back to homeschooling and why.   He says he is having trouble with the 6hour days,  he feels bad that he tries hard to be as good as the other kids, but can't always do it.  The room is set up in groups, each group has 4 (I think) students at a table... and they earn points through behaviour & classwork, towards a prize at the end of the week.  Last week Frodo was at a table alone though, and I'm not sure if that's something that will rotate through other students being in a group of their own or what.  I'm really hoping that is the case, as I would hate to think he is being  singled out or made to feel bad because he isn't 'perfect'.  But in effort to not fly off half cocked about it, I'm waiting till Monday to see if he is in a different group. 

I want them to give it a fair go, and not make the choice to pull them before they have had a real chance to settle in to school because for right now, it is something I need.  I think it is doing wonders for my sanity honestly, I am calmer and more relaxed with the kids (and in general).  However, I'm obviously not ready to sacrifice THEIR happiness so I can be sane... but the converse of that really doesn't work for me either. 
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  1. It's an adjustment. Not all kids or families do well at it...but some excel :)

    We switched to public school in the fall. Our son actually attended school for the last 6 weeks of the previous year and it was a great test period for us. It was long enough for him to see what it was like but not so long that he was overwhelmed. He opted to stay in public school and I can agree that MY life is much easier and calmer with him in school. Let's just say it's good that he likes it ;)

    Our daughter asked (begged, pleaded, nagged) to go to. I reluctantly enrolled her. My life was SO much calmer with both in school. It wasn't a good fit for her, though. We brought her back home at Christmas break.

    It may work. It may not. You may go back and forth :) No advice - just letting you know that you aren't the only one that knows the struggle it takes to homeschool...and to public school ;)

    Good luck!