I'm sure just about everyone that isn't living in a 3rd world country without television knows by now, that 75% of Queensland has had severe flooding.  It's been surreal, and emotional to watch.  In 1992, I lived in Homestead Florida and experienced Hurricane Andrew in all his glory.  I joked for years, that all my stuff now lived in the Everglades.  What little wasn't ruined by the storm, was destroyed by looters & vandals.  WTF is wrong with people, that they will destroy or take, the last few things that remain of a families LIFE, is just beyond me. 

Amazingly enough there have only been about 18 or so arrests for looting at this point. Kudos for most of the people of Queensland for being truly awesome people and helping out their fellow Queenslanders, instead of being heartless bastards.  There have been some amazing stories out of this tragedy, and I have been moved to tears by how amazing peple have been to each other. 

My new job was supposed to be getting underway in the last week, but the suburb where I am to be working, and where corporate HQ is at for the orientation... were in flood affected areas, so that was an obvious no go.  But this week I am getting stuck into training.  DH on the other hand, has nothing to do.  Here comes the awesomeness.  Last week, from Tuesday midday on, it was impossible to work due to massive, unbelievably widespread flooding.  For us, this was awful... dh is a contract driver.. no work = no pay for self employed folks.  He was told today by his boss, that every one of their 7 drivers would be getting paid at a rate of about 2/3 of their avg daily rate!  This is something they have no obligation to do whatsoever.  And dh has been there maybe 2months tops.   The company didn't want to financially disadvantage their drivers because mother nature pissed on our parade (pardon my french lol) 

So,  we will NOT have to hit the govt up for one of their income support payments, and I'm happy about that.  There are people out there with no homes, no electricity, no anything... I am happy to cop a few hundred dollars so that there is more for those that truly need it.
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