A friend contacted me today to see how we are doing and I thought I'd best pop in and give an update.  I didn't realize it had been since the end of October that I posted here,  I guess discussing things home schooly was a bit upsetting for a while for me so I was avoiding the subject.   A lot has happened over the last few months...

On Jan 24 both Frodo & Sam will have their first days of school at a 'brick & mortar' school.  I found a brand new school in a suburb we like (and have lived in before) that we have enrolled them in.  I'm very pleased in that the school is starting the year with a total of 80 stufents!  I think that will go a long way towards easing the transition for the boys.  The principal is arranging for Frodo's hearing issues to be evaluated and possibly bringing in an OT if required.  She seems lovely and really loves what she does, and it shows.  Not at all like principals I remember from years past that's for sure.

 Merry is still not going to start school until next year, as he's just too 'young' emotionally.   The boys are actually quite looking forward to it and were very excited about trying on uniforms and checking out the school back pack.  They've got spiffy new lunchboxes that they love, bento type sort of, and are looking forward to a special first day of school lunch here (schools here do not provide meals, so all kids take their lunch.  They do have 'canteen' which has snacky foods available for purchase but they are more a treat thing for most).  We pick up their uniforms next week (very snazzy looking in Frodo's opinion... nice polo's with a school emblem and red microfibre shorts) and must get black sneakers for school shoes this week.  Haircuts were had this week as well :)   

In all honesty, they have taken this far better than I!  It has taken me the last couple of months to really get to a place of acceptance but I have put on a brave face for the kids.  Now I'm *almost* looking forward to it along with them.  I had been feeling very much like I have lost myself somewhere along this journey of learning, and was not coping well with that.  I have a new job, which as soon as mother nature stops throwing her fury around  in our river system, I will start training & orienting for.  It is a night job and I have to admit I really waffled when I got a night job.  I wondered if I'd done the right thing... if I should cancel their  enrollment etc.   But after a lot of talk with DH, we decided  that doing it all (or trying to) is doing me IN.  I had to admit my limitations... I can't work nights, even if it's only 3/4 nights a week, and still manage to educate the kids.  It wouldn't be fair to them, or to me.  So at least for now, we are staying the course we have chosen.   

We will also be moving house in a few months.  Our real estate agents are horrid, so we have decided we will move into the suburb where the kids school is so that we can walk to school and check out this whole school/ community thing.    And I have gotten a copy of my college transcript from the U.S. and plan to apply to go to nursing school when applications open later this year.  (would have applied in december, but the transcript was too slow to arrive *sigh*) 

If anyone still has this little blog of mine on follow, If you'd be interested in me continuing it and updating on our transition from home to school and life in general... please drop me a comment :)    Thank you for reading along on this amazing journey that we have been on.  Know that this is not the end of my children & I learning together...but at least for now, it's a big change in how we do it.  I will continue to be every bit as involved in their education as I can possibly be... and I'm sure the teachers will get sick of me volunteering on my days off LOL. 
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  1. Kez Says:

    Lots of changes! I hope it all goes well, and at least you know how cool homeschooling is if you need to continue it down the track!

    I'd be interested in still hearing what you guys are up to.

  2. karisma Says:

    I would love to follow your journey "back to school and work". Life sends us many challenges, each and all bring valuable lessons. If someone had asked me 15 years ago if I would be doing what we are doing now, I would have laughed. I however always wanted to be a teacher so teaching comes naturally to me. Took me quite a while to come around to a more natural learning approach with my youngest 2 kids. 3 of my children saw school right through to year 12. All are just as happy and well adjusted.

    Keep a positive approach lovely and all will be great!

    Hugs xox

  3. Kylie Says:

    Sorry good to hear from you and I definitely would like to keep intouch with your life and happenings.

    In all honestly I had thought you were in a suburb that wasn't afected, so whilst I thought of you during this time I wasn't concerned...must do a better job of remembering exactly where everyone lives lol!!!

    I am so happy to see you accepting and embracing the decisions you have made. YOu have made the best decision for your family at this time and I fully support that.

    As you said you can always go back if need be. :-)

  4. Caz Says:

    Thanks ladies :) I suppose I'll tweak the info on here in that case!

    Kylie, we could easily have been affected, as a certain creek flows 100m or less behind our back fence! We are so incredibly lucky!