It seems to have flown by without my consent! We are well on our way to adapting to having 4 boys in the house (5 if you count Strider lol) and boy #4 is on his way to getting used to having 3 little brothers drive him bonkers ;) As usual, Frodo is moving constantly so he's blurry lol.

Spring has also well & truly sprung here! In the last two weeks of August (while the nights were still very chilly, at least for us) I noticed the trees over the back fence going from bare twigs to having tiny tufts of that pale, springy green on their tips... to just the day before Spring arrived completely exploding into green! The next day it was 26C lol, welcome Spring!!

We spent a lot of time in the garden, Sam is stoked that the strawberries are ripening at the rate of several a day! They are often small, and some are alpine berries which are long skinny things instead of fat ones... but they taste amazing. We've installed our raised garden beds, and on Aug 3 we planted them up and they looked SO empty... but just a month later the change is amazing! In the last 2 days actually, several things doubled in size... totally not kidding! This is what the beds look like now.

The top pic has peas (in the wire cage/towers), lettuce and bok choi, 4 new tomato plants, basil seeds, 2 capsicum and 4 button squash which have gone crazy. The bottom one is full of silverbeet/chard (which I love), 'magic' purple king beans (grow purple, turn green when cooked!), baby carrots, 2 more capsicum and a square of spring onions. In pots we still have tomatos, and the kids snack on the few ripe cherry tomatos they find ;)

We've had our regular Monday co-ops and they draw to a close for the year after next week. For term 4 we're having more theme activities and excursions, which should be great fun. We'll miss our Mondays, but we'll see our friends at Park days, tennis lessons and other outings!

We've also had a bit of stress, as DH was suddenly, inexplicably, and immediately FIRED from his courier job. No fault of his own, as he's the most awarded driver at the company (or was) but hard economic times have hit the company and he's out the door. But that's ok, we pooled our strength and helped each other keep our heads together. Within 4hours of being unemployed he had an interview set up. Within 24 hours of being unemployed he had been offered a new job. It's not perfect, but it's steady and pays almost as well.. so he's starting next week. When the universe closes a door, it opens another they say.. and in the last 6yrs our new doors have always been for the better. Let's hope that trend continues!
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  1. Kylie Says:

    Your gardens are looking great.

  2. Thanks Kylie...Sam is quite obsessed with them. He & I have to check them every morning. Seriously, things have doubled in size AGAIN!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You must be so excited that spring is almost here!