I thought I'd update on how the garden is going, since I managed to eek out enough time to post ;) It's going very well thus far, these pics were taken on the 18th or so, so a week ago (and 2weeks after the last pics from a few posts ago). Currently the bed with the silverbeet in it is enormous, and the beans have hit the top of the (admittedly too small) climbing cages. The cucumbers are finally starting to grow a bit, I started them as seeds so they ave been very slow! I don't think they are a bush variety after all, as they are sending out tendrils to grab something to climb... so this weekend we'll get on frames for them to climb.
The carrots are strange, according to dh, who pulled up 'one' and reports that it's a cluster of little carrots that have twined around each other LOL. I didn't get a chance to check that oddness out, maybe tomorrow.
The other bed has monstrously huge yellow button squash plants... they must be 75cm tall now. They have a few little squash on board, pollinated and growing nicely :D The peas are climbing, albiet a bit sloooowly. We've already pulled the bok choi and lettuces and eaten them *NOM* The new tomatos are going well, although the squash keep shading them and I have had to lop few leaves off them to prevent tomato plants growing at a 45 degree angle lol. One of the tomatos (the biggest of course) 'accidentally' got lopped off whilst snipping squash leaves that were overcome with powdery mildew *sigh*
We have already had a couple of meals of things like bok choi for stir fry, our fave cheesy silverbeet bake, and a few skinny spring onions for fried rice :D The tower of strawberries is giving at least half a dozen daily, much to Sam's glee... and although ALL of the tomato plants in pots (black russian AND cherry) are now dying of some unknown evil... the last tomatos on the plants are ripening as if in some attempt by the plants to survive in some small way :) They are nibbled by humans and cuddly rodents alike (the really tiny cherry toms are their favourites)
There are still 4 capsicum plants in amonst those two jungles, they are not getting big yet as I don't think the sun can find them in there! lol I'm hoping the summer heat will invigorate them... despite the fact that it will sap us of the will to move!

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  1. karisma Says:

    Wow! Your garden looks awesome! Mine is only just getting going.

  2. Thanks Karisma :D One of the benefits of living in sub tropical zones is nearly year round gardening! Love it!