I posted a week or so ago about putting a treadmill on layby...well we didn't.. we bought it outright. ;)  I decided now was the time, not in 6 weeks.  I have been using it daily, well.. except for two days where I had a rather nasty tummy bug.  I'm not walking huge distances, or enormous stretches of time just yet... but I AM walking.  I'm pretty darn proud of myself for getting off to a good start.  

Every day I add at least one minute to my time from the day before and today had to tweak the speed up and down a bit because I really didn't feel like I was working hard enough.  My plan is to get to about 40minutes every single day and work my speed up to a 'powerwalk' pace.  I'd say jog, but my dear old knees won't tolerate a jog sadly.  

Walking to nowhere?  I prefer to think of it as being one step closer to a healthier body and a body I can be happy with.  I'm not planning on being Elle or anything, but I don't want my kids to get teased for having a fat mum.  And heck, I'd like to be able to shop in the 'skinny' section  of stores again ;)

Now.. if only I hadn't had that handfull of M&Ms .. but... they were really yummy!!

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    Congrats on the new machine and energy to use it.