Ok.. well there weren't REALLY tigers ;)  But frogs & bunnies were the order of the day around here today!  Yesterday evening while we had coffee on the veranda, the boys discovered a green tree frog hangin around and Sam was just SO enamoured with the little guy that we had to put a nice leafy branch in our small aquarium and keep him overnight to watch.  Sam was quite happily up spritzing him with water to keep him moist at 6am today lol.  Of course he was ALSO quite happily letting the frog ride around the house on his shoulder as well!!    I tried to snap a pic of that, but the red eye reduction flash did it's thing.. froggy had lept over to the counter and I had a pic of Sam looking at an empty spot on his shoulder where an amphibian should have been ;)    

And bloody bigpond cut out yet again, eating the rest of a really great post .. and really pissing me off big time *sigh*  Attempting to soldier on and pick up where it last saved on blogger though!  

Sam is loving the fact that we have wetlands behind our back fence and all these little lovelies come to visit.  We had a bit of a google to learn some more about them and here are a few tidbits you might find interesting!   (science for the day: check!)

1.  The average lifespan of the frog in captivity, about sixteen years, is long in comparison with most frogs.  (wow!  In the wild it's a bit less... snakes, native lizards and birds eat them)

2.  The frog occasionally has small, white, irregularly shaped spots on its back, up to five millimeters in diameter, which increase in number with age. (OMG frogs get grey hair!!! lol)

3.  The skin secretions of the frog have antibacterial and antiviral properties that may prove useful in pharmaceutical preparations.  (interesting although sad to think about the cute little things being tested on.  I'd like to think they live in a nice aquarium and get the occasional swab for secretions and not harmed.. hey, a girl can dream can't she?)

The kids & I hit the shop for a few necessities and ended up stopping by the little sushi place in the mall.  My boys (at least Frodo & Sam) love sushi.  Today they were adventurous and tried new ones,  Frodo went with a tempura prawn and Sam went for avacado.  I lived vicariously through him, as I cannot eat avacado as my gallbladder attempts to murder me every time I do *sigh*    We surprised dad by bringing him some sushi home as well :D

After all this I took off by myself to investigate preschools in the area for Merry.  The poor little guy is just NOT impressed with some of the homeschool outings we go to on Tuesdays & Fridays.. they can be way too long for him, and just aren't geared for the preschool set unfortunately.  So I have decided to give kindy a go with him those two days a week and see how it fits.  He's a very outgoing little guy and I think I'll do just fine.   I'm astonished by the range of prices @@.. from a high of 98bucks a week (for 2 days, AFTER our govt childcare subsidy benefit!) to 62bucks for the same time.  Luckily enough the lower centre is actually one that Frodo & Sam went to a couple of years ago when I worked part time.. and is a pretty good centre.  If it were air conditioned it would be just *perfect* actually.  Oh well, if a day is going to be over 30C I'll just keep him home!

Turns out while I was away the boys spied the neighbors bunny in the backyard, so she was kind enough to bring him over to meet the kids.  I tell you what,  Sam is going to be a zoologist or something like that... I have never seen a 5yo so gentle and wonderful with critters.  And it's not just the cute cuddly ones,  the child even thinks Rhinocerous's are cute LOL.  

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    Sounds like a good day all around. Coolness!