Ok, so keeping new stuff on my blog isn't as easy as I thought it'd be! I think the last post was 3 days ago... my only excuse is 3 small boys and never enough sleep.. and quite possibly too much World of Warcraft in the evenings when I should hop on here & write something interesting & witty. Or at least something lol. I did watch House wednesday night though, so all my evenings were not wasted! (and no simplespirit.. it wasn't Lupus LMAO)

Storm update.. will this shit ever go AWAY?? I know we've been in drought for about 4yrs.. but FFS, a little town near us measured 500mm (that's about 18INCHES) of rain during one pass of the storm (we've had seeeveral waves of very nasty weather over the last week). Enter flooding, trees on houses, general mayhem. Oh.. the neighbor must have noticed the tree in his pool.. he's sorta shoved it OUT of the pool but it's still hanging over in his yard lol. And the neighbor with the offending tree finally took her stinky horrible wheelie bin that was way overfull (and could not close.. insert vomit smilie here) out so now I can open my door again :D Not that it has anything to do with the price of tea in China as they say... but I figured if I had to smell it then y'all (if there is a y'all lol) have to hear about it!

In other news, today I did the unthinkable and took all three little men out with me grocery shopping. Yes I know I am mental. We had a bakery treat & went to my favourite coffee shop (where the barista knew my drink order and recited it off to the kid working the counter as she saw me come in lol, gotta love that service!) and then a magical thing occurred. We walked past the child minding centre. What this is basically, is a fenced in area in the middle of the mall where you can pay 2bucks per half hour, per kid, to leave your little darlings to play & get their faces painted etc while you go SHOP IN PEACE!!!! The boys had begged to go in there before, but it hadn't been open, so I am the hero now because I let them hehehe. Man it was awesome to shop with only one of them (and that one was the 2yo who was buckled into the cart which srsly limited the mischief he could get up to)

I took a pic of Frodo's very cool green spidey that he had painted onto his cheeck.. but my mobile phone & my computer are having a lovers spat and seem to be refusing to speak to each other, so I cannot share it yet. Maybe they'll have a nice romp if I leave the phone on the desk when I go to bed and make up afterwards hehehe

Then I proceeded to ruin a brilliant day by going to the gym ...hehehe. Actually I really enjoy it, which is a surprise ;) I've been going about 2 weeks now and had to increase my weights (nautilus circuit) already and bump up the setting on the treadmill *faint* So apparently there's some muscle in there somewhere.... I'll be able to point out every single one of them to you tomorrow if you care to ask. I am predicting I'll barely be able to roll myself out of bed in the morning.

I leave you with cuteness... well I was going to, but blogger keeps putting the pic in a totally stupid place. And now it's UNDERLINING??? WTF!!?!

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