Ok so I'm gonna make an attempt at keeping up with a blog! Don't be impressed just yet though, if I post for a whole month regularly THEN you can be impressed ;) Who am I? You can call me Caz. I'm a whole lot of things... a woman, wife, mum, pagan, crafter, homeschooling parent, wanna be gardener & a keeper of rats (pet rats ;). The three small people I have spawned (henceforth to be referred to as the hobbits) are, in descending age order, Frodo, Sam & Merry...You'll undoubtedly hear much of their exploits here. I suppose I shall call my dearest hubby Strider.. because.. well a girl can dream right? (an aside, a blog mama I used to know referred to her dh as 'voldemort' because he informed her she is NOT to write about him lol.. so he must not be named ;) Thus mostly covering our anonymity lol.

Fascinating goings on in my life at this very moment? We had a monster thunderstorm last night, it was apparently the worst in over 25yrs. Consequently my back garden is a disaster and my neighbors tree (and part of their fence) are in my other neighbors pool :O (man do I need SMILIES for this blog!) About 100k homes are still without power this morning.. this one is obviously not one of them ;)

Also, in case you live under a rock or something, we are barreling full steam ahead towards the Voldemort of holidays. I have been mildly stressing about having the cash for presents & decorations etc despite Strider (hehe) having a great new job... and then this morning I read in the news about a financial stimulus payment going out to families here. So cross fingers & toes as 3k would be awfully handy to cover Voldemas as well as pad the bank acct during hubbys' company imposed 2 weeks holiday over the season.

Being pagan, it's technically Midsummer coming up, but we will have a tree (solar themed I hope!) and pressies simply because it's FUN and it's a tradition hubby & I grew up with and want our kids to enjoy with our family as well. I'll tweak the foods & decorations to suit the ACTUAL holiday we keep so I have all bases covered lol.

I look forward to blabbing on here about stuff that most likely nobody will ever read, or care about. In case you ARE reading though.. woot!
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  1. simply patti Says:

    I'll read your blog if you read mine... lol!

  2. simply patti Says:

    hey! Can't you pop on over to xanga? it's worth the trip! I have decided to keep my bloggin options open and will flip over here to blogger and check out my blogger peeps on a regular basis... i promise!