We've had a pretty crazy week or so here at the Hobbit household.  Frodo had a particularly awesome science workshop at Bim Bam Boom, which is a terrific toy & craft store.  They have THE best selection of high quality toys & educational fun stuff.. not to mention crafty stuff of every description :D   The lady that runs the workshops is SO wonderful with the kids, and it's especially noticeable with Frodo.  His occasional odd behaviour & silliness doesn't even phase her, and she works so well with him to help him stay engaged & on task.  

First up was building & painting a clay volcano, which was good fun.  Then they did the old bicarb and vinegar eruption trick (three or four times, with different coloured 'lava' hehehe)  Of course, when we arrived home in the afternoon... Merry & Sam just had to be shown how that worked... so we had a very geologically active kitchen counter LOL.    You can see two of the other projects the kids made in front of Frodo ... a plane (that actually flew) made of a drinking straw and 3 strips of paper, and a paper cup 'chicken' lol.  The kids drew a chicken on the cup, then tied a 'matchstick' to a string and stuck it through the bottom of the cup... hold one damp sponge around the string tightly and pull ... I kid you not it sounded like there as a whole flock of chickens in that room hehehe.

The last project really went over surprisingly well with Frodo, as he gets quite annoyed by having 'stuff' on his hands.   The kids made cornflour/cornstarch 'goop'.   They just missed plain old cornflour & a bit of water until it was basically glue... then played with it.  If you keep it moving, it goes SOLID and will literally crumble... but the minute you let it sit still, it reverts to it's previous goopy state!  (ok, *I* was as impressed with this as he was... did NOT know it did that! lol)    The look on his face was pretty awesome... this is not the type of thing that usually gets a smile out of him!   Nice to see Mr. Sensory step outside his comfort zone!

Frodo loves Minecraft and really enjoys playing in creative mode.  He's got a 'thing' for Sonic the Hedgehog games at the moment,  so he had to find a picture of Sonic, then he split his screen and recreated it in Minecraft.  He did a pretty darn good job of it, if I do say so myself.. and was very pleased with himself.  The kid loves drawing, and loves creating digital 'drawings' as well!

The latter part of this week has been pretty slack... we have had Merry & Sam home since Wednesday with a pretty nasty cough, fever, and just general BLAHness.  Sam has actually been quite the over achiever and developed croup *sigh*  so we've visited the doctor and have had oral steroids prescribed. He's still coughing & chesty, but considering how he was so bad that he coughed himself into an epic nosebleed?  I think he's MUCH better.

There has been a lot of this...

going on this week.  As you can see, Smudge the kitty has been snuggling the sickness away :)  This was the boys watching Better Homes & Gardens... Frodo LOVES the cooking segments.  Sam is still looking a bit meh, and I think it shows.  Both he & Merry are still sporting fevers as well... so I think it will be a quiet weekend at home for us.  
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  1. momto5 Says:

    we love the cooking shows as well. lol sorry to here you were all hit with the yucks.
    how are things. i miss "seeing you" on fb.
    it looks like the bim bam boom experience was a major hit. i love the corn starch and water bit. it is CRAZY!

  2. Caz Says:

    At least we can keep in touch this way though ;) FB is a time suck and it does take a lot of emotional energy at times, so I totally understand the need to be away from it!

    Bim Bam Boom is TERRIFIC! Next time I'll take a picture of the little shop itself.. it's not a big place, but it's FULL of great stuff!