*** For some reason this did not post on July 25, when it was originally posted, so I'm guessing it got 'eaten' into the drafts folder when my IE threw a dummy spit.  So for your amusement, here it is today lol.  I am rather having a laugh at myself at the leve of frustration a stupid scone caused!***

Oh for the love of all that is holy (or holey for that matter) would  someone in the universe reveal to me the secret of SCONE making!?!?!  I have just made a batch using a recipe from Australia's MasterChef's cookbook... and while they tasted great... they are about half an inch tall.  Seriously! 

Frodo & I followed the recipe just so, measuring everything exactly.  Kneaded 'lightly' as the instructions said, baked and voila.  Flat arse scones *sigh* 

This is not my first epic scone failure either.  Everyone says 'scones require a light touch'  fine, I barely touch the bastages and they STILL DON'T RISE!!!!!  Don't think I could get much lighter than that, could I?  

I refuse to be defeated though.  I have found another recipe and am trying again.

*** Added upon posting... Yes, I DID finally create edible scones that actually LOOKED like scones (somewhat, anyway)  So I can claim victory in the battle of Caz vs. Scones!!

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3 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    you need the tupperware recipe...or try combing the mixture 'just' as in stop as mixing as soon asit has all come may need to use your hands (fingers) for a couple of seconds to bring it together properly...but don't ough it any longer than that.

    Turn it out onto your tray, with a bread knife you can spread it a little, but not too much, cut the dough (not fully apart though, but deeper than scoring) into large square chunks and put it straight into the oven.

    Ok so they aren't nice and round and the ones on the edge are what you eay ;-) but that is about the only way I can light, high fluffy simply not playing with the dough at all...good luck and I hop ethat made some sense!!!

  2. LOL Thanks Kylie.. My last attempt did pretty well, so I'm hoping I improve a little as I go ;)

  3. Todd Says:

    Congrats on a successful scone! May they just get better and better :-)