This week is Merry's birthday, so we had cake & fun with Nana, Grandpa (in the pic helping the dude cut hsi cake), uncles Mike & Nigel along with boring old mum, dad and brothers ;)   Buzz Lightyear featured prominently as you can see.

Last weekend over MY birthday, the grand parents took the kids to the weekend markets by the bay.  The kids played on the giant bouncy castle, and Sam braved the ENORMOUS inflatable slide and had a ball.  There was fossicking around on the beach & rocks and a very up close look at a poor turtle who got hit by a boat propeller :(  Thankfully nobody was incredibly emotional about that for more than a few minutes.

At some point Merry got his pants legs wet and just ditched them altogether.  Here he is doing what boys do best .. getting dirty!

There were also swim lessons... don't the boys look very flash in their pro swim gear? hehehe  They are both doing pretty well... but Sam is definitely our 'sportsman' .. he's going to have an awesome swim stroke!  

There was also the usual at home stuff ... messing around with our veggies, taking care of our ratties, driving mum know how it is.  But now and again, a moment of perfect sweetness like this one...  Watering the garden is Merry's new found love.   Looks like Sam is going to have to share!

It's rather funny.. our tomatos and such are going crazy (I mean CRAZY, this week they are 6 inches taller than the last pics I posted here, easily!) yet the trees that I mark our seasons by as I drink coffee on the veranda?  They have just let go of the last straggler leaves that were hanging on for dear life, despite being yellow and being blown hither & yon by the winds of recent days.   Such is life in Queensland I guess!

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6 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    Happy Birthday to him!!!!

  2. Thanks Kylie :) Rather bites that the poor thing was sick both yesterday and today though! REally put a damper on birthday joy!

  3. Todd Says:

    Happy belated birthday. It was nice seeing you all :-)

  4. Kez Says:

    Happy belated b'day to Merry & you!!

  5. Thought I'd share that according to Merry, he's feeling MUCH better. (you'll have to imagine that in his sing song little chipmunk voice :)

  6. Kylie Says:

    LOL at least he is chirper!!

    I have an award for you on my blog :)