So instead of my usual serious, and deeply lost in thought posts (lol), I am posting utter fluff.   Last Thursday I decided on a whim to ring a local salon and get a haircut.  I was already going out to get my nails done, so I figured why not make it a pamper afternoon.  I was so tired of my boring old, almost one length and no personality hair.. not to mention my fringe was a disaster.  We're talking to the tip of my nose if I let it, so it had to go.     

The young chick (not meant in a bad way at all... especially if you've noticed the subtitle of this blog ;) that did my hair was great, even offered to make me a mocha (loving this posh service these days) but I already had my trusty Gloria Jeans Creme Brulee.  I did mention this was a pampering afternoon, right? ;)  Must have creme brulee to complete that.  Low fat/cal/sugar be damned.   Anyway... back to Jamie.  She did a lovely job sprucing up my 'do' a bit... without taking off much length.  I gave her the distinct impression that I might go mental if more than about an inch came off then length of my hair... a few razor cut long layers were the only exception to this edict.  Since I rather like the cut, and did not come away looking like a 12yo boy, I shall return to her.  I shall NOT, however, ever pay 30dollars for a friggin blow dry style on top of paying for the cut already!  I nearly fainted when she dropped that one one me... and in her defence, she seemed rather embarassed at the absurdity of that price as well lol.  

I noticed my profile photo on here, and on facebook, was over THREE YEARS old!!!   So, I decided to attempt a reasonable self portrait.. and this is the result.  Yeah.. pardon the outstretched 'tuck shop lady arms' there lol...

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4 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    wow it took years off you, looks great.

  2. Kez Says:

    Gulp - $30 for a blow dry??!! Oh wow..

    The cut looks lovely anyway!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I treat myself to the high-end salon service (anywhere from $50 to $65, including the blow-dry) once a year. We're worth it, ladies! :-D

    You look lovely. Hooray for new self-portraits and your new haircut!

  4. Ty chickies! Kylie, when I pull it up (as I have to do in this stinkin bloody heat!!!!) it adds those years right back on I think LOL

    I go the whole hog once in a while Wendy.. but I was already paying 40bucks for getting my nails done hehe